Kenai Community Library

Kenai, Alaska

The design for the Kenai Community Library Renovation and Expansion project is elegant and simple. It consists of a fairly pure and rectilinear addition to the existing library. The cost-efficient project showcases the vernacular architecture of an Alaska subsistence and commercial fishing community. A successful melding of the library's message, architecture, and landscape creates a sense of place and experience unique to Kenai. An emphasis was placed on warm, welcoming interior materials. One of the goals of the project was to ensure that all the various components of the building function in harmony with one another. The new and existing portions of the building are connected visually through the use of interior windows. The central circulation desk provides the staff with views to all areas, including the teen corner. Daylighting has been cleverly incorporated throughout the building by use of windows and above-head lightboxes, to maximize limited natural Alaska light. The photos highlight the usage of colorful and dynamic materials for the creation of a vibrant library space.

Photography: ©Chris Arend Photography

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